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Len Klapdor

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Len Klapdor is an independent artist and novelist hailing from the sprawling, multicentric Ruhr district of Western Germany. She* co-founded the performance collective >Anna Kpok, who have become a well-established stable of independent German theater. Enthralled with the art of storytelling from an early age, she has written dozens of stories, as well as working as a story developer for gaming and theater projects. She published her debut novel, a far-future scifi/dark fantasy thriller, in 2021, and is currently working to expand this story to a storyverse. Len Klapdor is autistic, queer, and lives with her cyborgian family in the Ruhr Region. When not plotting her sophomore novel, she likes to watch spooky horror movies, or just the wind in the trees. She is currently represented by Lauren Bieker at Fine Print Literary Agency.


The Hand That Feeds

a female figure in between high buildings, lightning in background, title reads the hand that feeds

Something is rotten in the state of Ithacan. Aurora Vespucci is determined to bring it to light. But the obstacles the royal family of Ithacan has placed in her path are huge, and when a friend lets her down, Aurora's carefully forged plans go awry. Suddenly she must trust a complete stranger with secrets that could not only unhinge the royal family, but Ithacan as a whole…
Set in a techno-magical, climatepunk future, The Hand That Feeds is the first part of the Stormbringer Saga.
#climatepunk #darkfantasy #thriller #polyromance #LGBTQIA+

Now available on Amazon!
> Sneak Peak

Cover Art by Max Neumann
Published as Anna Klapdor

On Submission: The Samsara Solution

a collection of six images, showing different people with futuristic technology, text in the middle reads: Everything you've lived can be used against you

Co-written with >Danai Christopoulou and >A.J. van Belle

In a near future where past lives are a scientifically proven fact, a disabled woman haunted by her former self, an unlikely murderer on a quest for justice, and a jaded investigator with a knack for dying must make peace with former incarnations before more innocent lives are lost, or risk Final Death—the kind you don’t come back from in any form. A near-future scifi mystery that will knock your socks off...and unfortunately, that's all I can tell you for now...

Artwork by Danai Christopoulou

WIP: Into The Void

a tilted frame leading into darkness

A crumbling empire strikes back. Part two of the Stormbringer Saga.
Set to publish in 2023.
#climatepunk #darkfantasy #thriller #polyromance #LGBTQIA+

WIP: Singer Lover Soldier Spy

tentacles in blue light

Lesh usually doesn't fall for strangers. But the connection between him and the outcast he nurtures back to health is palpable, almost palpable enough for Lesh to ignore his impeccable instincts telling him that something about this sad-eyed, beautiful stranger is not at all how it seems.
Taking place a few years before the plot of The Hand That Feeds, the novella Singer Lover Soldier Spy tells Sadr's story.
Set to publish in 2023.
#climatepunk #darkfantasy #LGBTQIA #romance

Short Stories

burning tree, flaming inferno

On sub: Petrichor

You remember trees. You remember mourning willows, with their crowns bowed as if in grief, their long, thin branches with the small leaves forming curtains around the trunks. You remember the oaks lining your street on both sides. Giant, old oak trees, larger than the three-story houses, their crowns wider than the street itself. Their zig-zagged leaves, like hands in flames.
You flinch away from the association, but the memory of the oak trees’ flaming-hand leaves forces you back into the present, back to the wetness of your sweat-drenched shirt and jeans, the heat in your car, the heat in your nose when you inhale the hot air, the condensation that pearls on your upper lip and drips into your oxygen mask.

Petrichor is climate fiction horror that won't give you hope but might nourish the raging fires in your heart.

an explosion of stars, overlapped by a golden mandala. title reads: Stardust. A Medusa Retelling


Co-written with Danai Christopoulou

A soldier codenamed Perseus hunts rebel scientist and alleged mass murderer Medusa for the destruction she wrought to his home planet, but when both their ships crash on a remote asteroid, Perseus faces more than one jarring revelation about the interplanetary war they’ve both been fighting.
The story was first published in the >Heads and Tales Anthology, edited by Chapel Orahamm. It's a feminist reimagining of the fight between Medusa and Perseus, focusing on the war that often is more of a backdrop to reiterations of the myth and translating the story’s magical elements into a sci-fi setting.

Cover Image Mandala Design by >Cephaloblot

an explosion of stars, overlapped by a golden mandala. title reads: Stardust. A Medusa Retelling

On sub: Words of Grace

When receiving a mysterious message from their best friend Grace, Lore rushes to get to her. But the lands between their underground living pods are roamed by a ravenous entity, and as events unfold, Lore finds themself locked in with their greatest nightmare.
Words of Grace is a drama set in a bleak future and spiked with spooky horror elements. It is also a love letter to playwright Sarah Kane, who inspired me to write my first poem when I was a teenager. The rest is already history.


Shell Game - Lost in Paranoialand

By Anna Kpok

Let Paranoia Tours take you to the most distant planets in the galaxy and experience a fantastic journey full of adventure! Yes, it's real!
In Anna Kpok's new live game, the adventure vacation becomes a test of survival: After a defect on board the Paranoia Cruiser, all travelers have been dropped off on the nearest rescue planet. United in the unknown, it is now a matter of following the emergency protocol, maintaining the basic rules of a society and surviving the days until rescue. But unexplained incidents raise doubts, is everything really as it seems at first glance?

Shell Game - Lost in Paranoialand is based on the short story of the same name by Philip K. Dick and is a mixture of participatory theater evening and live game: up to 30 spectators have to face puzzles and tasks on an alien planet as a travel group, make directional decisions together and survive as a group.

An Anna Kpok production together with Ringlokschuppen Ruhr and Schaubude Berlin. Supported by the Ministry of Culture and Science of the State of North Rhine-Westphalia, the Fonds Darstellende Künste with funds from the Federal Government Commissioner for Culture and the Media as part of NEUSTART KULTUR and the NRW KULTURsekretariat Wuppertal.

>Shell Game (German)
>Video report in English about Shell Game and this year's >FIDENA Figure Theatre of Nations Festival, where the performance was shown.

The Freedom Game

Freedom isn’t free: Can you outsmart an oppressive regime? Play a Deutsche Welle game to find out!
Imagine Berlin in an alternate reality: Secret police is omnipresent and all information is censored. Now your friend Mia has disappeared after researching a murder case. Can you help find out what happened to Mia?

A Deutsche Welle game in cooperation with the DE:HIVE Game Hub of the HTW Berlin funded as part of the cross:play project.

>The Freedom Game

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Content Reviews

I read your story then write a review where I give my impression on what works or doesn't work in regards to plot, characters, and world building, inlcuding tipps and suggestions. I leave comments in the manusript where useful.

Line/Copy Edits (German only!)

Korrektorat für wissenschaftliche Publikationen

Story Development

Interested? Just drop me a line at asperwitch ätt gmail dot com. Please be sure to reference the field (edits, story dev, etc.) in the subject line.


I hold academic degrees in performance, literature and media studies, and have more than ten years' experience in editing, writing and story development. I'm the copy/line editor for the German scientific magazine kultur&geschlecht and do community reading for Flourish Fiction.


Anna-Lena Klapdor @ EVE Bar - queerer Tresen
c/o Oval Office Bar
Saladdin-Schmitt-Str. 2
44789 Bochum/Germany

When not stated otherwise, all artwork made by me. All photos on Unsplash.
Copyright 2022 by Anna-Lena Klapdor


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*An intersectional note about gender identity: Assigned female at birth, I identify as agender (one of those many non-binary identitites you might've been hearing about). Though it would be more acurate to call myself white-autism-gender because my whiteness and my neurodivergency, and the special mix of privileges and discriminations that come with that, have had far more shaping influence on my identity than anything else, to the point that my experiences as "woman" feel like merely a subset of the other two. Or in other terms: I only ever feel "like a woman" when I'm being discrinimated against because of my neurodivergency, or privileged because of my whiteness. But most of the time, I just feel like a tiny, genderless, blobby alien, sitting in a cockpit (haha) inside my skull, steering my flesh sack. Needless to say: F all terfs, and death to fascism.